Does the big pieces comes pre cutted?

No. you will need to cut them gently while applying them on your motorcycle


How to do i know which piece goes where ?

You will get instructions where to apply each piece


How long those decals should last?

Up to 6 Years


Will they leave a mark after removing them ?

No , they are totally safe for your motorcycle's fairing


What tools i need to use when applying the decals?

Scissors , Scalpel knife and a squeegee


Can i wash my motorcycle with high pressure washer

We dont recommend since it will decrease the life of your vinyls


Does those decals covering all the fairing?

No. Those are cutted vinyls and not printed decals.


Can i buy partial kit in reduced price?

No. We dont break up our kits. you can buy the whole kit and apply what you want.


Will it change my bike color completely?

No. Those are not wraps. its only countering your bike with decals as shown on the product. (Unless it says on the product description Full Wrap)


My bike is green should i choose the Green Edition kit?

Yes, we have a designed kit for every model variation and you should choose the one that fits for your motorcycle model.


Are those decals cover my stock stickers?

No. Unmounting your stock stickers are required in order to achive the best look.