About Us

Welcome to Stickermoto.com and thanks for checking us out!


Our story is simple, we've been riding for years and on top of that we have been designing motorcycle graphic kits since early 2010.

Our background is from a professional graphic design and our head designer worked both sides of the big pond from Los Angeles all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden where we now reside.

We have a simple belief - use the best quality materials out there, combine it with world leading graphic design and make our customers happy.

Who are we
Stickermoto.com is a subsidiary to Ride All Day AB based in Gothenburg, Sweden as well as Print Pro Works. Our combined rooster includes over 15 years of professional design and conceptual work ranging from clothing brands to Warner Music, Budweiser and the movie industry.

What do we do
The main goal we have here at Stickermoto.com is to make your ride look kick-ass. We're always keen on hearing your unique ideas and we're more than happy to try and make them come to life. Our main focus is on graphic kits, decals and stickers although occasionally we like to wrap stuff as well.